Very Rare 18th. Century Stays/Corset

Published on 29 May 2024 at 22:36

a unique and original pair of museum-worthy antique stays from early 18th-century Italy. Crafted from exquisite brocade silk, these stays were likely a vibrant red when first made but have gracefully faded over the centuries. They feature ribs made of reed or wood bents, adding to their historical significance.

One of the rare and fascinating aspects of these stays is the inclusion of antique paper with printed Latin text, visible between the small holes when tilted carefully. Latin was predominantly spoken in southern Europe until around 1750, making this feature special.

The stays have undergone some repairs over the years, including patches of blue and pink silk fabric on the front and a small one on the back. Another remarkable feature is the large number of 31 hand-embroidered eyelets on each side at the back.

This is a truly unique item, seldom found outside of museums and private collections, offering a rare opportunity to own an 18th-century museum piece. The stays are sold as is; additional photos and details are available upon request.

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