Bridget found a few Vintage Stage Bras in Paris

Published on 21 February 2024 at 21:15

Step into the glamour of vintage Parisian burlesque with our exquisite Original Folies Bergère Theater Show Bra Top. Crafted in shimmering gold and silver tones with a delightful orange peach accent, this piece exudes timeless elegance. Adorned with glass stones, beads, rhinestones, and pearls, alongside a cascade of gold sequins, it captures the allure of the stage. Inside, discover a luxurious green satin lining bearing the name of the dancer who once graced it.

 A treasured relic of dance history, this bra is not just a collectible but also a wearable work of art. Securing with a vintage hook at the back, it offers both charm and functionality. Elevate your wardrobe with this enchanting piece that embodies the spirit of the legendary Folies Bergère theater.

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