Very Rare Antique Baccarat Crystal Aquarium

Published on 2 June 2024 at 16:26

a rare and exquisite Baccarat crystal aquarium, fully engraved with a stunning lakeside landscape featuring flowers, plants, trees, and fishermen. The intricate details of the engraving are truly amazing.

The aquarium is supported by a circular ormolu base with three small feet, characteristic of Baccarat's production. This is an exceptionally rare item, a true museum piece that is difficult to find elsewhere.

This unique piece can serve as the centerpiece of your coffee table or as a distinguished addition to a collection.


The renowned crystal manufacturer Baccarat dates back to the 18th century. It was awarded its first medal in 1823 at the “Exposition des Produits de l’Industrie” for the brilliance and sharpness of its crystal. Baccarat quickly became the most famous French "cristallerie," consistently exhibiting its products magnificently at various Universal Exhibitions, particularly between 1855 and 1867. Reports from these exhibitions frequently noted the "perfection of the material and its cut."

To maintain the loyalty of its wealthy customers, including members of the Royal Family, Baccarat continually innovated with new fashions, decors, and materials such as opal crystal, which became one of its specialties in the 1850s.

This rare crystal aquarium from Baccarat, dating around 1870, is hand-engraved with natural scenes of fishermen on boats, a lakeside landscape, and various plants and trees. The gold-colored ormolu base, in the style of Baccarat, gracefully supports the bowl.

Antique crystal aquariums from Baccarat are a rarity and an eye-catcher for any coffee table or interior. This piece is an important addition to a private or museum collection and represents a significant piece of French historical art.

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