1928s Rare Boudoir Sofa Marotte Doll

Item number: DIV-1439

a stunning and rare boudoir or sofa marotte flapper doll from 1928. This marotte, a doll on a stick, was used at a flapper ball in France in 1928, as indicated by the fabric ribbons printed with the year and initials of the event.

The head of the doll features the classic flapper girl look, complete with a beautifully finished loose red curl on the forehead. The face retains its original paint and is well-preserved. The doll is adorned with a flapper cap made of green and gold lamé, accented with a large feather detail.

Mounted on a gold wooden stick, which once functioned as a flute, the headdress and decorations suggest it was well-loved during its time. Although the flute no longer works, perhaps someone can restore it to its former glory. The marotte is further decorated with shiny green raffia, reminiscent of the popular raffia wigs of the 1920s. You can see similar wigs on Bridget's Cabinet, which showcases many original pieces from the era.

This flapper marotte is exceptionally well-preserved, likely cherished as a delightful souvenir from the ball. It is an incredibly rare item, perfect for collectors or as a decorative piece for a flapper-themed party.