Rare 1930s French Santa Christmas Marotte Whistle

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Item number: DIV-1431

For sale: a very rare Santa Claus marotte stick with a flute, originally part of a costume from 1930. This unique marotte was once used at a Flapper Ball Masque during Christmas in France in 1930, as indicated by the ribbons hanging from it, which are printed with gold-colored letters.

The stick is made of gold-colored wood and features a working whistle at the bottom. The Santa Claus figure is made of celluloid in soft pastel shades. The marotte includes a hood that can be placed over Santa's head, made from antique cotton wool material and silver lamé. Antique raffia also hangs from the stick, reminiscent of the raffia wigs popular at the time, which could be bought in various colors. It's possible that the original owner of this marotte wore a matching raffia wig.

This is a unique and rare item, perfect for doll or costume collectors. A must-have rarity that adds a touch of historical charm to any collection.