Antique Miniature Bone Domino Set

Item number: DIV-1417

This exquisite set of miniature bone dominoes dates back to around 1820 and is housed in a beautifully crafted mahogany case. A prisoner of war likely carved these dominoes during the Napoleonic Wars. During this period, prisoners would create various trinkets and toys to sell to local people, using materials available to them, such as leftover beef and mutton bones from their meals.

The dominoes and the case are in good condition, showcasing the skill and resourcefulness of their maker. This set is a wonderful collector's item and a charming addition to any decorative display, especially for dollhouses.

It is a truly unique and historical piece, perfect for collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

Size Box: Length: 1.97 inches, Width: 0.78 inches, Height: 0.47 inches

Size Stone: Length: 0,47 Inches, Width: 0,2 inches