Vintage Burlesque Stage Theater Choker Rhinestones

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Item number: DIV-1395

Elevate your ensemble with this exquisite vintage showgirl choker from the illustrious French Folies Bergère Theater. This captivating piece exudes timeless elegance, featuring intricate craftsmanship, and is adorned with sparkling rhinestones that glisten under any spotlight.

Crafted to adorn the neck of glamorous performers, this choker boasts a versatile design, possibly doubling as an upper arm bracelet during its dazzling performances. Behind its opulent facade lies a hint of history, with remnants of elastic fabric suggesting its multi-functional past.

While the elasticity may have waned with time, the allure of this accessory remains undiminished. Suitable for many occasions, from lavish parties to mesmerizing burlesque performances, this choker stands as a testament to a bygone era of glamour and sophistication.

With all stones intact and its condition preserved, this captivating piece is poised to command attention wherever it graces. Embrace the allure of vintage charm and steal the spotlight with this original treasure from the stage of yesteryear.