Pair of 1920s Flapper Shoe Heels

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Item number: DIV-413

A beautiful rare pair of heels for 1920's flapper shoes. we got these heels from the heir of a shoemaker, there is also a nice story behind these heels. these heels were once ordered for a lady customer who had the oldest profession in the world sort of speak. because she haddpainful and difficult feet, the shoemaker always made various pairs of shoes which he decorated with these designer heels, he had different pairs of these luxurious designer heels in stock. this lady had her shoes made by the shoe maker and she could choose out of different pairs of heels and the shoemaker put the heels under a pair of comfy shoes specially made for her. the daughter of the shoemaker inherited all his stuff and because she was always enchanted by these heels when she was a child, she kept these heels all this time, in the meantime she is also aged and after all these years she decided to offer the heels to me.  Anyway I was able to get 2 pairs of these amazing heels. both of them are listd, this is one of them.

The heels are quite amazing with typical Art deco decoration