Victorian Stage Costume Bodice Hat

Item number: DIV-1320

Indulge in the beauty and grandeur of the Victorian era with this stunning antique theater bodice and matching hat set from France. The bodice boasts a rich purple velour velvet material with intricate embroidery in soft pink adorned with delicate sequins, and features puffed sleeves and a hook closure for a touch of vintage elegance. The accompanying hat is equally as impressive, made with the same luxurious velvet material and finished with two refined feathers for added allure. This unique set has graced the Paris stage and bears signs of wear, showcasing its rich history and authenticity. A remarkable addition to any collection or display, this piece is perfect for adorning a bust or mannequin, or simply as a decorative item. With high-quality photos available for your convenience, the captivating beauty of this antique set is undeniable. Don't miss your chance to own a true piece of Victorian splendor.