17th Century Wooden Noble Bust Statue

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Item number: DIV-112

This very rare carved wooden Noble Bust with glass eyes is from the 17th. century from Germany, this is an incredible piece of craftsmanship. carved with all these beautiful details. the bust is build up with different layers of wood and that gives it a very special look. the bust is massive so no hollow parts. the condition is very good. the intriguing part is these pair of glass eyes. as we could find out this is a genuine part of the statue, it happened sometimes they used these glass eyes for important figures at that time, but you will not see that very often, it seems to be very rare. you can see all these beautiful details in the attached pictures. If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me!! 

Sizes: Height: 20,86 inch, Width: 18.11 inch