1880s French Artist Photographe Paint Box

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Item number: DIV-111

A very rare antique French artist box for photography in coloring from Bourgeois. this case is filled with items which were needed to color the black and white pictures made in victorian times. in those times they were only able to make black and white pictures, an artist need this box to turn the B&W pictures into these beautiful colored pictures. this particular box isn't much used since all the items are almost un-touched. in the lid of the box there are 2 identical pictures. one is original Black and White and the other is colored, quite stunning.. this is probably for exercising. the box has 2 levels/layers, on top all colors paints with the original tags, the bottom is filled with powder( i think for finishing the pictures) and 2 saucers for mixing colors. This is a really unique item for the true collector, I have tried to find another one, but I couldn't find anything like it. This is not an ordinary paint box but one to engrave colors on black and white pictures.