1880s rare Pull-Toy Cow on Wheels

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Item number: DIV-086

25" (64 CM) A firm-sided paper mache cow covered in real brown and cream hide has realistic sculpting, glass eyes, carved nostrils and mouth, horns, udder and wooden hooves with cast iron wheels beneath. There is hidden funnel so the cow can be actually "milked" and elaborate leather harness with cow bell hides a neck joint that when gently pushed causes the cow to "moo". this 1895 German pull-toy is in perfect condition, very well-preserved in fine large size. from the German toymaker Bing. I have seen only 1 of these live at an antique toy show in Germany, On the internet two of these cows can be traced at Theriault's, the doll masters, one has been sold on their auction for $6200 in 2004 ( this one was slightly bigger), the other one ( which has the exact same size was sold for $3200 in 2005 all these prices are excluded (at least 20%) buyers premiums. So I was very happy when i came across this beauty and able to offer this beauty in our Ruby Lane Shop. This one is in PERFECT condition. No damage, no cracks. If you want to know more, please don't hesitate and ask!!! if you want to more details or pictures of parts you want to see better, don't be shy and contact me!! And.. as always we are always open for offers and layaway plans....