Rare French Manneuin in Origina Shipping Crate

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Item number: DIV-506

Bridget's Cabinet found this extreme rare French signed counter top plaster mannequin in the original box and shipping crate. the mannequin is actually packed in 3 original packages, a beautiful storage box, the original carton box and the shipping crate completely labelled and tagged from those days. 

Make sure to see all the attached pictures so you can see how special this mannequin is with its packaging. 

So when you open the wooden shipping crate the carton box will pop up with instructions how to open the case in the right way, when you open this box another case pops up, covered with a flower printed fabric. inside this fabric box you will find the fully protected mannequin, the mannequin is as shown in the pics protected with custom made puffy fabric holders. 

It's like we are in the early 1900's and this baby is ready to ship!! 

Every case is tagged with all kind of original labels. 

The mannequin itself is detachable into 4 pieces as can been seen in the pictures. 

This is a real very well preserved item from the past, a once in a lifetime find.