1700s Very Rare Madonna Santos Cage Doll

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Item number: DIV-511

We are proud to offer this extremely rare very hard to find middle sized Santos Madonna from the early 1700-1750's Madonna virgin of sorrows, beautiful santos figure in carved and polychrome wood. these are very hard to find figures, they were usually ordered by the upper bourgeoisie that required them for their private chapels.

She also has its original aureole attached on her head. She comes in 2 parts. the bust can be separated from her "skirt" sort of speech. this model is even more rare because she has feminine curves, like hips and breast, most of these kind of cage dolls ar quite flat and the large size is also hard to find.

This Santos Cage Doll comes from Italy and is still in really perfect condition considering this one is around 300 years old.

Under the majesty of silk dresses, crowns, symbols and other attributes made of gold or silver, these images hide a primitive, coarse and disproportionate skeleton of wood,  which is simply irresistible.

This is a real museum piece for the serious collector, the accessories shown in the pics are not included.

Size: Height: 51.18 inch