1919s Paul Poiret Aladine Rosine Perfume Bottle

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Bridget's Cabinet found this extreme rare original 1920's silver metal perfume bottle from the french designer Paul Poiret. it's an so called Aladin Rosine bottle/perfume. This is a very unique museum piece, very hard to find and in very good condition, this bottle is complete and original, so the original stopper and the original chain. The top of the bottle is very special with some tiny holes, it's designed this way to spread the sweet odor of the perfume. these bottles are very sought after and sold for sky high prices, even for incomplete ones. Paul Poiret's Aladin Rosine perfume collection was available in 2 different bottles, the glass one and the most expensive one was the silver metal one, which we have here. 

There have been some of these bottle up for sale in auctions in the last couple of years and they all have been sold for very high prices. 

The height of this bottle is about 3 inch 

Here something about the history concerning this perfume: 

Age: introduced in 1919 

Fragrance Name: Aladin. Based on the character in The Thousand and One Nights, Aladdin. The oriental style perfume's composition was blended from aldehydes, incense, sandalwood and musk. The name Aladin was trademarked for perfume on May 28, 1919 and was introduced in a magnificent presentation reflecting Paul Poiret's life as the so-called "Pasha of Paris". Aladin perfume was probably discontinued around 1930. 

Perfume Company: Rosine 

Les Parfums de Rosine were established in 1911 by designer Paul Poiret with his wife Denise at 107 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore in Paris. Rosine sold perfumes, toiletries and cosmetics as fitting accessories for his avant garde fashions. The company was named after Poiret's eldest daughter. Many artists and illustrators worked for Rosine. Poiret lost financial control around 1925 and the business was later acquired by Societe Centrale de la Parfumerie Francais (L. Legrand) in 1930 and managed by Madame Nevarte Cordero. Most of the existing Rosine perfumes were produced until the 1950s in standard presentations. 

Poiret's perfumes were created with the help of the perfumer-glassmaker Maurice Schaller, and later with the celebrated Almeras. 

The perfume bottles for Rosine were produced by Depinoix and Lefebure et Cie as well as Poiret's own companies Atelier Colin & Atelier Martine. Most of the bottles were hand painted at Atelier Martine. The packaging of his perfumes resembled the look and materials of his fashions, with great emphasis on vivid colors, opulent textures and harlequin and Oriental lampshade patterns.