1800's Set of 2 Articulated Artist Figures

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Item number: DIV-434

We are proud to offer these 2 very rare museum pieces, a set of 2 carved articulated artist figures, they used to be standing models for artists like painters and/or sculptors because you can put them in all kinds of human-like poses because of their articulated body. these two come from the early 1800s and are still in great condition, of course, there is some minor damage because of their age. 

These figures are quite large, they are about 70 cm or about 28 inches tall. at this moment we are offering them as a set. if you are interested in just one there is always an option for that, just drop us a email and we figure something out.

Normally they are often shown without any dressing, but we did because we just love to dress up our items. the accessories are not included,  anyway this is a unique opportunity to get a real musuem piece.