1880 Lay Figure Artist Mannequin Head

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Item number: DIV-1008

Bridget has for sale: this very rare and unique lay figurehead from the 1800s. it is still in good condition considering its age. such a beautiful life-size head is very hard to find especially in this condition

It is a rare one because of its slightly open mouth, normally this kind of heads have a closed mouth. it has a friendly expression.

These heads were used on articulated lay figures or artist mannequins which were used by painters or sculpture artists who were able to afford these mannequins. these artists were able to put these mannequins in all kind of different poses because the mannequins had on the inside a realistic articulated wooden skeleton.

These mannequins were able to stay in a particular pose for as long as the artist wanted which was very handy because of obvious reasons.

In those years such a mannequin would cost a fortune for the artist, a year salary.

it is a real collector's item, especially for people who have such an articulated mannequin already, most of the time the head is missing. that's because these heads are much more vulnerable compared to the mannequin.