1800s Child of Pragiu Wax Baby Jesus

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Item number: DIV-1154

Bridget is offering for sale one of the most beautiful Child Jesus of Prague I have ever seen.
The larger child is made of wax around the late 1800s early 1900s, completely in the style of how Marie Antoinette would have had child Jesus of Prague under the Christmas tree, with a very fine and beautiful costume in silk, blouse and trousers completely finished with silver thread and small beads, and lace everything in soft powder pastels.
The child has a sweet expression on the face with glass eyes and a half-open mouth with teeth.
The child lies on a beautiful bed made of velvet and brocade, finished with golden fringes and thread.
A roll of the pillow and the bed on a platform, the bottom is made of marbled green thick cardboard.

A refined and must-have collection piece for the collector.

Sizes: Length: 13,4 inch, Width: 8,6 inch, Height: 8,6 inch