1920s Art Deco Butler Stand

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Item number: DIV-1366

Presenting a distinctive piece from the 1920s, our exclusive offering is an art deco Pierrot floor standing wooden butler stand. Retaining its original paint, this hand-painted Pierrot exudes a captivating 3D effect when turned, featuring a convenient small tray. The wood is adorned with a skillfully applied silver-colored layer, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. Functionality intertwines with aesthetics, as it could have served various purposes, from holding business cards and cocktails to functioning as an ashtray or lamp stand.

This rare original wooden butler, shaped like a Pierrot, is a testament to a bygone era. The intricate painting reveals depth upon close inspection, making it a captivating addition. Standing at 34 inches, this piece is in good condition with minor signs of wear, maintaining its free condition. A prized possession for collectors, it seamlessly blends into residential and business settings, serving as a captivating Art Deco focal point. Originating from France, this Pierrot is an authentic representation of the artistic flair of its time.

Height: 33.85 inch