1890s Mechanical Toy Goat Doll

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Item number: DIV-109

We were immediately amazed about this beauty, a rarity, it's a papier mache mechanical Toy Goat, covered with real hide. it has a mechanic in its body which can be wind up with a key (however key is missing) it is a very old one, from around 1890/1900 in a shabby chic condition. I have never seen such one before, as mentioned it has a hard massive papier mache base covered with real hide, on one side there is hair lost, some bold spots because of its age, but that gives the toy its old charm. It has an adorable face with two different eye colors, one eye is green and the other one is brown. The head can be removed, this head has a leaden base with hooks inside, these hooks are attached to the mechanism in its body, that should give this toy a moving head. if you remove the head you can see into the body and you will see the winding mechanism and also the little spikes to attach the hide. It is a beautiful decoration piece, just look at the pics and you will be enchanted. it was a real expensive toy in those days for a wealthy kid. Height: 18.90 inch, Length: 19.68 inch