Antique German Large Doll Shop

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Item number: DIV-204

A beautiful large antique German doll-shop in different shade of Blue. It is a Large model, so you will be able to displaying your dolls in it. the Shop is filled with all kind of shelves, drawers and has a beautiful counter, the counter is removable. the shop has beautiful detailed carving, real craftsmanship. The doll-shop is still in good condition, certainly for its age. the paint is cracked but that give the shop its charming appearance. the accessories and the doll are not included. fill this shop with your own accessories, flower, fabrics to give it a personal touch. this is an unique piece of the past. If you would like to have more details or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate and mail me!! 

Sizes: Height: 21,65 inch Length: 27,65 inch Depth: 18,11 inch