19th C. French Pauline Doll 20"

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Item number: DIV-633

Bridget's Cabinet is proud to offer this beautiful 20" Pauline Doll by Andreas Voit with a beautiful hand-made costume. it has a paper mache head with beautiful glass eyes delicately painted lashes and brows and the known heavy leather body and stitched fingers, the costume is tailor-made complete with a hat. the original owner of this doll must have been quite wealthy to afford to dress this doll in the hand-made costume, hand-embroidered with metal threads into many detailed patterns. the stunning hat still has the original label of the costume maker.

The doll itself has a hand-knotted wig of human hair, it has understandably some spurs of aging. we were very delighted to find a rare doll like this in such good condition, this is a real museum piece for the true collector.

The height of this doll is 20 inches