1900s Countertop Salesman Display Doll

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Item number: DIV-784

Bridget's Cabinet found this beautiful antique rare half scale wax mannequin / countertop display doll. these kind of dolls, miniatures of their life sized counterparts are very rare and hard to find.she has real implanted human hair and stunning real glass eyes, the bust is attached to the body the same as their life-sized counterparts. 

She has been used to show clothing scale sized as a countertop display or as a salesman sample, it was convenient for a salesman to show its merchandise because of the scale size. easy to carry. She is still in very good condition it had some old repairs but nothing is missing. 

The whole mannequin is made out of wax, the torso has a different color compared to the bust probably that was the same case as the life sized ones 

She is about 21 inch tall