19th Century Vernis Martin Doll Cabinet

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Item number: DIV-1054

Bridget found this stunning and rare French miniature 19th-century display desk cabinet. the hand-painted sceneries are just fabulous. every side of this museum piece has a different romantic scene. on the inside you will find the original beautiful silk which is still in very good condition. Also the original key is still there. the itself doesn't work at the moment but this can be solved quickly. 

Overall this precious cabinet is in great condition also considering this is an 1870s piece. Also unique is that there is still a tag on the bottom which reveals the branding and the place of origin which is Paris France.

This Vernis Martin cabinet would be a treasure for displaying with fashion dolls or as a jewelry cabinet in your boudoir. 


Height: 13.39 inches, Width: 9.06 inches, Depth: 6.69 inches