19th Century French Doll Sedan Chair

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Item number: DIV-1083

Bridget's found this amazing 19th. Century French doll sedan chair, a large one, certainly one of the largest we have ever had, The chair is covered with a brocade fabric with a beautiful flower pattern, on the roof it has a red velvet fabric, the fabrics have certainly some spurs of ageing. the cut glass windows are still there like the wooden sidebars. the door can be closed with the original handle.

You can use it to store and show little treasures or you can put your favourite doll, doll on the pics is not included in the listing.

This is a real treasure from the past and an opportunity of a lifetime to get a hold of such a rare item. 

The height of this beauty is 11.41 inch, length: 11.33 inch and width: 6.69 inch 

Just look at the pics and see all the beautiful tiny details. i can imagine you'll made a beautiful scene with a doll. If you still have any questions about this item, please do not hesitate and drop me a mail!!