Antique French Epicerie Store Doll

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Item number: DIV-1300

This antique French Epicerie is a beautiful and rare find, perfect for collectors and those who appreciate the charm of vintage toys. Standing at a large size, this grocery store is suitable for all fashion or bebe dolls and is adorned with a gold-colored scale and a variety of unique boxes, baskets, and bottles. The store is filled with beautiful miniature items, making it a delight for children and adults alike to explore.

As larger epicerie stores become increasingly rare, this antique toy makes for a stunning decoration piece or collector's item. Be sure to carefully examine all photos, as they are an important part of the description and the store comes with all items shown. This beautiful antique toy has been loved and played with, and now it can be a part of your collection.

Dimensions: Height: 16.93 inches Width: 20.86 inches Depth: 5.7 inches