Antique Foldable Doll Bed

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Item number: DIV-1378

Introducing a charming and unique antique doll bed, a delightful piece that exudes the quaint allure of folk art. Crafted around 1920-1930 in France, this foldable bed holds a special place in history, most likely the cherished possession of a sweet child with a penchant for imaginative play.

The bed features a wooden base, a testament to the era's craftsmanship, adorned with a fixed mattress filled with straw for an authentic touch. Draped in a beautiful antique fabric, the bed's sheet adds a touch of nostalgia, transporting you to a bygone era.

What sets this doll bed apart is its foldable canopy, a feature that adds a whimsical flair. Crafted from antique fabrics with delicate cardboard and ribbon accents, the canopy can be elegantly folded down. Despite bearing signs of age and use from its playful past, this Marie Antoinette-style doll bed emanates a timeless charm.

Imagine the joy it brought to a child's heart, now preserved as a unique collectible. This piece is ready to find a new home with a doll collector who appreciates its history and craftsmanship. Embrace the opportunity to own a slice of the past, where handmade treasures held immeasurable sentimental value. Don't miss the chance to make this enchanting doll bed a cherished addition to your collection.


Length: 11.91 Inches, Width: 6.69 Inches, Height: 15.74 Inches