18th Century Black Silk MArie-Antoinette Shoes

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Item number: DIV-478

Bridget's Cabinet found this beautiful pair of late 18th. Century women shoes. they are from around 1780's, this stunning pair comes straight from a French museum, we were able to get this because of the ending of the museum's exposition. the shoes were part of an exposition of the 18th. Century street life in Paris. The shoes are still in quite good condition, certainly if you consider that these shoes are more than 200 years old. They are made out of black silk Fabric with golden bullion pompoms and embroidery. the shoes have pointy noses and the pink worn lining give these shoes a certain charm. If you are a collector these very rare late 1700's pair of shoes would be a valuable addition to your collection. We had our share of historical shoes but this pair has been one of the most stunning pair of Marie Antoinette shoes i ever had.