1850s Silk Wedding Shoes

Item number: DIV-1347

Step back in time with this stunning pair of 1840 antique silk satin wedding shoes. These ivory-colored treasures feature dainty bows, exuding timeless elegance. While one ribbon is missing, it adds a unique touch without detracting from its beauty. These well-preserved shoes, likely only worn on a special day, are in remarkable condition, as evident in the detailed photos.

Discover a captivating secret on one sole—a rare handwritten inscription in the Scandinavian script by the original owner, Thilda, who wore these enchanting shoes. Their lack of left or right distinction, as was customary at the time, only enhances their allure. Though folded and displaying some creases, these can easily be smoothed with a touch of steam or paper filling, allowing you to restore their original splendor at your discretion.

In an era when vibrant ostentation faded, these shoes became a symbol of refined elegance. Ivory and white hues took center stage for ball occasions and evenings, while black became the go-to choice for daytime wear. For collectors of antique shoes and clothing, this remarkable pair is an invaluable addition to your treasure trove. Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece of history and indulge in the allure of a bygone era.