Vintage Taxidermy Foal Mule Head Mounted

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Item number: DIV-319

Hereby we offer this beautiful unbelievably rare vintage Taxidermy Mule Foal, mule is the offspring of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare). it is still in perfect condition considering his age, it has a beautiful perfect brown fur on one site and grey on the other, an enchanting face, it is mounted on wooden back plate. it's very odd to see that one side of the mule is dark brown colored as an horse and the other side it is grey as a donkey. very detailed like eyelashes and whiskers still present. 

A very rare item on a replaced wooden shield. This is a real collector's item, very hard to find and especially in this condition, just take a look at all the pictures. Accessories shown in images are not included.this just to give an idea for dressing it up a little. 

If you still have questions or you want some other detailed pictures, just drop me an email. 

The height of this beauty is: 16.92 inch, the width of the item is 9.84 inch