1930s Taxidermy Butcher Window Calf Display

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Item number: DIV-468

A real rare taxidermy calf from around the 1930s, this rare beauty has served as a sort of sign in a butter shop's window for many many years until it came into his son's hands in the 1980's. the son didn't take over his father's business but he kept this beauty for many many years until he decided to put it up for sale. it's a beautiful piece with quite a history. 

Of course, this calf has some aging spurs which are charming at the same time. i can even tell that's why it is so beautiful. if it could speak it could tell a lot of stories I guess. 

The calf is off-white with light and darker brown spots. The sizes of this magnificent animal are: Height: 11 inches Length: 39.4 inch 

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