Antique Taxidermy Flamengo

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Item number: DIV-630

A real rare small species taxidermy Flamingo, this rare beauty had been in a French collection for many many years until it came under my attention. it has been store very carefully all these years, that's why it is such good condition. the taxidermy technique from those years is just beautiful. it is mounted on wood 

As mentioned before this stunning creature is still in perfect condition, the feathers, beak everything is in good condition, she is white with of course pink feathers mixed.


It would be a stunning addition to your interior. As you can see in the pictures we dressed her up a little with some antique jewelry which is not included, however, i can add the little sparkling rhinestone crown, couldn't take that away from her, you see it makes her even look more graceful.

It's total height is 28.75 inch