1920s Metal Bullion Flapper Wig

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Item number: DIV-154

A 1920's French Antique flapper silver bullion thread hair cloche wig with so called finger waves, a very rare find a real museum piece. The Cloche is in perfect condition and still wearable! a similar one is very hard to find, most of these wigs can be found in museums like the one which can be seen in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, I added a copy of the display in one of the pictures. This cloche is very special because of its special pointy shape on the forehead and all the curls in the neck. This takes you back to the great gatsby area. the ladies from that area used these wigs as an evening wig. they were made in France and made in different colors but unfortunately there are not many of these items left these days that's why we are proud to offer this unique find. If you want to know more just drop me a mail!!