1920s Gold Bullion Evening Flapper Wig

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Item number: PR-017

Another very rare model Poiret evening wig or hair cloche from the 1920's. this very unique one is the most elegant wig cloche to be found. Woven of metallic gold bullion flossed "hair" with special finger waves. This is an extremely rare high-style wig cloche. A mark of sophistication, Paul Poiret was "the extravagant designer" from Paris in those years. We added a picture from those days of the famous actress Gloria Swanson to this listing with a Poiret wig. The wig is in excellent mint condition and is still wearable. inside a silk lining, a real museum piece! These kinds of 1920 evening wigs are very hard to find these days, the ones left are to be found in private collections or in museums. we were able to get these from the heirs of a Parisian collector who kept a large collection of these wigs. from this particular model, we have a few, but they are all a little different from each other because they are hand-made.