1920s Flower Flapper Wig

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Item number: PR-010

One of the finest and most elegant wig cloches to be found, the wig is woven from thin and fine raffia threads into the classic hairdo of the 1920's Flapper period, complete with finger waves all over and pinned up curls at the back and on the sides. The extravagant powder white colored flowers are also woven onto the wig. they are original to this evening wig. A very rare treasure from the roaring twenties in superb condition and even still wearable. it is woven on a silk/cotton cap. These kind of wigs were an hype during the 1920's, they became very popular and also well known as a "bad hair day " wig. They came in many different versions but there aren't many left these days. you can find them only in private collections or museums. This wig is also coming from a private collection and considered as a beautiful treasure from the past, a real museum piece. If you have any more questions concerning this item, please don't hesitate to ask and drop me a mail!!