1920s Metal Bullion Flapper Wig

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Item number: DIV-256

Another piece from an unique private collection, this very rare 1920's Silver Bullion Flapper Wig, this is a real museum piece, the wig is made out of a silver colored metal bullion threads, is still in perfect condition and still wearable. it has the famous finger waves and pinned curls on the back, the hairdo from the roaring twenties. they use to call these wigs evening wigs, very trending in those days. We were very lucky to obtain this one from a private collection, these wigs can only be found either in private collections or in museums these days. it is quite an investment but worth every penny for the real collector. you won't find them easy anywhere. it is a real eye catcher, on the pictures we showed this beauty on a wax bust from the same period. If you would like to know more or you have a proposal, please don't be shy and drop me an email!!!