1920s Art Deco Flapper Wig

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Item number: DIV-1369

Step back in time with our Flapper Fantasy Wig Cloche! This masterpiece, woven from delicate raffia threads, captures the essence of 1920's glam. Picture yourself rocking the iconic Flapper hairdo—finger waves, curls, and all.

But wait, there's a touch of extravagance! Adorned with original powder white flowers, this wig is a rare treasure from the roaring twenties, still in superb condition and ready to add a vintage flair to your style.

Crafted on a silk/cotton cap, it's not just a wig; it's wearable history. These wigs were the hype of the 1920s, known for rescuing folks from "bad hair days." With various versions in the past, finding one today is like discovering gold in a sea of modern styles.

Imagine owning a piece of this history! Sourced from a private collection, this wig is a beautiful relic from the past—a genuine museum piece. Have questions or itching to make it yours? Click that "email us" button, and let the roaring twenties come alive in your wardrobe! ????????