1906 Gems Studios Full Size Wax Mannequin

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Item number: DIV-325

Bridget's Cabinet is proud to offer another very rare full-size custom-made wax mannequin. She was custom-made for a London Lady in 1906 by the Gems Studios in London. We got her from an English mansion owner who had her and some others for about 70 years. the mansion owners took her from her first owner, a lady from London who is also known by us. We have the mannequin's whole history. We even have pictures from her past where you can see her showing off beautiful clothing from the past. She has been on tour during the 1930's through England where she showed these beautiful costumes. After the tour the mansion owners took her and she has been used in exhibitions at the mansion ever since. For the last twenty years, she was carefully stored. As we are quite specialized in wax mannequins we have never seen this specially shaped mannequin, it has a beautiful wasp waist, it has besides a wax body/bust, and wax arms as well. Normally the arms are made of wood or a kind of composite. The arms can be moved into different positions since it has a solid metal mechanism. She has real implanted human hair and real glass eyes. She stands on a metal plate. She is still in excellent and original condition, nothing is missing except a piece of her thumb. the"underbody" is made out of a kind of papier mache. If you still have questions or requests, please don't hesitate and drop me an email!! You can still find wax busts but a full-size mannequin is very hard to find especially in good condition.