1860s French Articulated Artist Lay Figure Mannequin

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Item number: DIV-327

A female lifesize skeletal fabric-covered articulated mannequin with a hand-painted paper Mach head. A real treasure from the past. She is still in exceptionally good condition. One of her metal articulated hands is missing though but you can pose her in many positions so that won't disturb her at all. It's a wooden skeleton covered in her original fabrics, these fabrics are filled with horse hair to give her a "body" Because of all the movable hinged joints she is bendable and can take all kinds of positions. She is standing on a metal Stand which is not original, but we also showed her sitting in the pictures. The paper Mach head has a beautiful almost serene expression and is also in good condition, of course, there is some wear considering its age. These mannequins were once used by artists and painters and became quite rare, not many of them survived time. If you still want to know more, do not hesitate to drop me an mail!