1800s Artist Lay Figure Mannequin Articulated

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Item number: DIV-535

Bridget's Cabinet newest find is this very rare artist mannequin, it is articulated and it is made out of different materials like wood, fabric, paper mache and a sort of composite. it is a real life size item and made as realistic as could be, even muscle groups are sculpted somehow on the body as you can see in the pictures. it had ball jointed arms and very detailed articulated hands with fingers driven by snares like you see in a piano. it is a real piece of craftsmanship. on top there is still the original wooden top, we dressed it up with a little top hat in the pictures to give an idea. 

We put it in two different positions as you can see in the pictures, in a standing bend over position while leaning on a desk but my favorite is that putting it in a sitting postion on a a chair. 

The upper body is in one piece, the legs and arms ar hollow and are attached with joints and tied up with snares inside. it's quite a museum piece. 

Size: Height: 68.9 inch 

If you have any more questions about this unique item, don't hesitate and drop me a mail!!