1900s French Full Size Wax Mannequin

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Item number: DIV-900

A beautiful antique French full-size wax mannequin, she's from circa 1910-1920, these kind of mannequins were used for showing clothing, hats and jewelry collections in the exclusive, French "magasins." It's very hard to find these kind of mannequins since many of them didn't survive time. She has real implanted human hair, stunning real glass eyes and a beautiful expression on her face. She can take some poses because she has a kind of turnable upper body. The bust/head is made of wax, the body of a mix of fabric and papier mache. the arms are made out of a kind of composite. You can dress her up or you can leave her as she is. She is still in very good condition and still in original condition, nothing has been modified or replaced, everything is still complete, there are however some tiny parts of her fingers missing. A very rare find. Costume is not included only to give you an idea. If you still have some questions about this item, do not hesitate and drop me an email.