19th Century Artist Lay Figure Skeleton

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Item number: DIV-324

Bridget's Cabinet is proud to offer this very rare mannequin/artist lay figure, These figures are very hard to find, recently there were expositions held of these items in the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge and the Musee Bourdell in Paris. This particular figure is made in England, we found this one in a castle on the island of Wight where she (Yes she is a she..) has stayed ever since, according the information she was made around 1870/1880, she was custom made for the previous owner, probably one of a kind! it costed a small fortune and a lot of time to make such figure in those days. This figure is in excellent condition and still has its fabric body and "suit" as you can see in the pictures this is extremely rare to have these complete. the skeleton has all these stunning details and is almost anatomically correct, it has stunning detailed hands with hinged fingers, the craftsmanship of the wooden parts mixed with the metal is amazing, just take a look at the pictures and you will see all the details in the joints mechanisms. All the hinges are made out of heavy metal/iron. On the knees there is even leather involved. Every part can be moved, the head has three hinges so it will be able to move to every direction. The arms, elbows, legs, knees, feet, hands, everything is hinged and can be moved into every direction. The hands are very complicated, has a lot of parts. It even has cubits which move along by turning the arms. The head is made out of solid wood and the attached ears are made out of leather. The round ribs proved to be of great craftsmanship as well. Because of all the hinged parts the skeleton can take different poses, standing, sitting, we have tried to show some different options in the attached pictures. The "body" is made out of different layers of fabric, cottons and horse hair, they created this body all around the skeleton, really unbelievable. here you can see that it's a she.. because of the attached breasts. The skeleton is posed on a heavy adjustable stand. This stand is not original. As mentioned before the skeleton is in excellent condition, nothing is missing except one finger. A thumb. This very rare figure comes with body, suit and metal stand. If you still have questions or you want more detailed pictures or what so ever, please do not hesitate and drop me a mail!