1920s gyptian Revival Headdress Crown

Item number: DIV-1367

Step into the dazzling world of the Roaring Twenties with our enchanting Egyptian Revival Trio! This extraordinary headdress, bracelet, and necklace combo from the 1900s-1920s boasts the glitz and glamour that once adorned the iconic Sarah Bernhardt and Mata Hari. Picture yourself as a modern flapper, turning heads with a sublime, one-of-a-kind collector's headdress. Draped with loosely linked elements, it features a magnificent green scarab as its centerpiece, surrounded by gold leaves, rhinestones, and colorful stones.

Channel the spirit of Cleopatra with the headdress's forehead centerpiece, and fasten it securely with a clip, hook, and eye at the back. The matching bracelet and necklace complete the look with meticulous details, making this set a rare collector gem. Wear it to parties for a show-stopping entrance, or make it a must-have for your curated collection. Cleopatra and Mata Hari would undoubtedly envy the allure you'll exude in this timeless ensemble!