Antique Japanese Goful Iki Ningyo Head

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Item number: DIV-006

A fine example of an extremely rare GOFUN Japanese "IKI NINGYO" mannequin head, super hard to come across and being for sale. Normally found in Museums or in high-end private collections. She is made out of Gofun and wood and has very long black human hair, not a wig but carefully implanted by the artist hair by hair, she also has beautiful brown colored glass eyes complete with real eye-lashes. Gofun is sort of plaster made out of pulverized shells from oysters and animal glue, a very rare Japanese procedure to create the white "Geisha" look appearance. the head is from around 1910. You can say it's the Japanese variant/equivalent of the typical wax mannequin heads usually from Paris from the 1900's She is overall in good condition, no chips or broken pieces. About the size I can tell you it is a Life-size head, that means the same size as a human head. Just look around and discover that this is a rare opportunity to purchase such an item. If you have any more question for this item, do not hesitate to contact me!!! We have a layaway plan for this item available..