1900s French Wax Bust Red Human Hair

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Item number: DIV-104

Bridget's Cabinet found another beauty, this stunning antique wax mannequin head from the early 1900s with a lovely facial expression. She still has this enchanting long hair, still her original implanted human hair. The hair is in perfect condition, perfect to be styled in any style you want. This is very unusual for a wax bust this age. in the pics you see we gave her 2 different styles. She also has these beautiful blue glass eyes. She is of course Life-Size. The head is really in perfect condition, however, we have to mention a minor crack on the back of the base/shoulder plate, this is covered by her hair and invisible!!. the crack is nothing serious, but you will see this often with these wax heads. they are at least 100 years of age. The Wax head is signed on the side. quite a rare piece considering her beautiful hair. If you have more questions or you want some more information, please drop me a email!!