1920s French Wax Girl Bust

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Item number: WAX-027

Beautiful flapper wax mannequin in Superb!!! condition, un believable perfect. This beauty is a really unique bust from France from around 1910. She had hazelnut brown glass eyes and implanted human original hair eyelashes. something which is very scares to find in these heads, her eyebrows are also in perfect condition and made out of human hair. She wears an antique human wig in "flapper" style. She has an open mouth with teeth, the unique antique hairpiece comes along with this unique mannequin head. the hairpiece is hand-embroidered with crystals. BridgetsCabinet had quite some wax mannequins in her collection, but this one is as new, no scratches no cracks, just perfect!! It's is Life-Size Head. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!