1900s French Wax Girl Head Signed Paris

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Item number: WAX-006

An Victorian 1900 wax boudoir mannequin bust from France. She is very beautiful as you can see, she has real glass-blown eyes and porcelain teeth. Her long blond hair is human and implanted, as eyelashes and eyebrows too. She is really unique and one of a kind, a rare find, a treasure from Paris...Her condition is very good her face has no damage or scratches, only on the breastplate a thin crack and tiny chip but not through whole plate inside. Inside bust and head is in good condition, no hidden cracks or anything. The antique bonnet hat she is wearing is so beautiful and precious, its full with flowers and lace what could i say more? The flowers are made from silk in all pastel colors finished with gold lace, and hanging in a full bunches besides the bonnet, its really beautiful. This is a unique opportunity once in a lifetime to get such a precious into your collection! The size is real life size head , 16.93 Inch Height.

A layaway plan is possible. If you have anymore questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me!!