1910 Wax Bust Mannequin

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Item number: DIV-246

A stunning antique life-size wax bust, once part of a full size mannequin, she has an ' old fashion" dreamy look, real glass blue eyes. she has bobbed blonde implanted human hair and an open mouth with porcelain teeth. she's a real beauty with a realistic face with a 1920's appearance. She once was standing proudly in the fashion store's window to get attention for the clothes she was showing. she is a real treasure from long ago and she is still in a perfect condition, just a small hairline on top of her lip almost invisible with the naked eye. She is signed on the back, it's a German was bust from Brund Herzberg & co, Berlin. she is from around 1910.

Accessories are not included. 

The height: 22,04 inch