1920s Siegel Wax Countertop Bust

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Item number: DIV-384

Bridget's Cabinet found this stunning 1920's French life-size wax male bust from Siegel. It has a beautiful facial expression, real glass eyes, and human-implanted hair. He has a lovely smile and real porcelain teeth. this mannequin is from Siegel Paris, you can see this brand along with the "made in France" marked in the mannequin's head. 

Siegel Paris is famous for his realistic wax mannequins and tailor's dummies. 

The head is on its original base and detachable. it is still in perfect condition however his left concha is chipped, that's all, a small piece is missing. it is hardly noticeable. there is also a small piece missing from the black "costume" on the back. 

You can use him for the things he was designed for showing hats and all kinds of accessories, with these accessories you can give this fellow a different look. he was once stored in a fancy Parisian store displaying hats etc. and it's a miracle that he survived all that time. The hat is not included however it is for sale in another listing 

Height: 22.85 inches 

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