1920 Frernch Wax Bust Aviator

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Item number: DIV-466

A stunning and unique French male wax mannequin probably from P. Imans, this bust which once was part of a life-size mannequin. It has beautiful hand blown brown hazelnut glass eyes. porcelain teeth and still has all of his inserted human hair. his hair is still in really good condition, still has his original typical 1920's finger waves haircut. the human implanted hair also involves his eyebrows and his moustache.

The original aviator hat is included.

It has of course some aging spurs but it is in really good condition. with aging spurs I mean some discoloration and there is a small piece missing from one of his ears.

The height of this beauty is 12.25 inches

This is a great opportunity for those who are looking  for a beautiful male wax bust.